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From: Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd. & 1st Capital Reserve, LP
To: All Clients & Personnel of Universal Coin & Bullion & 1st Capital Reserve
Local & Regional Media in Southeast Texas and Coin Industry Trade Publications

[Beaumont, Texas: January 29, 2007] – 1st Capital Reserve, one of the nation’s leading rare coin companies, today announced that it has been acquired by award-winning rare coin expert Mike Fuljenz and Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd., also of Beaumont, Texas. The combined companies will now form one larger organization that will be among the largest rare coin and precious metals companies in America.

1st Capital Reserve’s manager, Forest Hamilton, described the combination as an exceptionally positive business development for its large nationwide roster of clients. “For years, Universal Coin & Bullion’s President, Mike Fuljenz, has served as Chief Numismatic Consultant to 1st Capital Reserve and we have featured many of his award-winning writings and recommendations in our newsletters and company literature. Now with the combination, 1st Capital Reserve has now been brought directly into his outstanding organization. The benefits to our customers are multiplied as the combined resources and numismatic experience of our two companies expands our collective capacities to serve our clients more effectively. Everyone at 1st Capital Reserve could not be happier. We look forward to working with Mike’s vastly experienced team.”

Mike Fuljenz, who has received twenty-four awards from the prestigious Numismatic Literary Guild over the past two decades for his books, newsletters and in depth investigative reporting on rare coins and precious metals, praised Hamilton’s team at 1st Capital Reserve and was excited about the additional resources the acquisition brings to his company. “I have worked closely with Forest Hamilton for more than a decade and his organization at 1st Capital Reserve is one of the most successful, dedicated and service oriented teams in the country. Additionally, Mr. Hamilton is one of the most respected and capable managers I have ever encountered in my long experience. I look forward to adding his talents and experience to our team. The resources of the combined companies further enhance Universal Coin and Bullion’s ability to continue its acquisitions of the best rare coins available for our clients. We look forward to continued growth and the merger with 1st Capital Reserve is a giant step forward towards that goal.”

Effective immediately, 1st Capital Reserve is operating under the Universal Coin & Bullion, Ltd. umbrella and will be directly notifying its clients of the business combination within the week. 1st Capital Reserve’s monthly newsletter, The Intelligent Investors’ Advisory, will immediately suspend publication. All clients who have currently active subscriptions will begin receiving Universal Coin & Bullion’s award-winning newsletter, Investor’s Profit Advisory, beginning with the February issue.

In earlier parts of his career, Mike Fuljenz was a summer seminar instructor in rare coins for the American Numismatic Association for eighteen (18) years. As publisher of Investor’s Profit Advisory, he has received eight of his twenty-four total awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild for the newsletter in the past ten years. Most recently, Investor’s Profit Advisory received a 2006 NLG Extraordinary Merit Award, and in 2004 was recognized as the “Best Dealer Publication” in the entire rare coin industry. 1st Capital Reserve’s website at www.1stcapitalreserve.com will remain operating for a brief period while a new website is constructed to replace Universal Coin & Bullion’s current site at www.universalcoin.com. The new expanded site to serve the combined companies clients is expected to be complete within the month. After that, 1st Capital Reserve’s website will cease operation.

Established in 1994 in Beaumont, under Fuljenz’s leadership Universal Coin and Bullion has become one of the leading rare coin companies in the country. It employs over fifty local residents on a full-time basis who serve a nationwide clientele of elite coin collectors. Universal Coin and Bullion is a member of both the Southeast Texas Chapter of the Better Business Bureau and the Better Business Bureau Online and also supports numerous local organizations, including the L.L. Melton YMCA, Lamar University, The 100 Club of Jefferson & Hardin County and The Garth House.


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